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At EastWest Approach, we combine the ancestral wisdom of Chinese medicine with a modern, scientific understanding of health and bioscience.

The result: 

a comprehensive, effective 

approach which can tackle chronic modern ailments.

Chronic pain disorders are complex and often require addressing many of the aspects which are contributing to it.

By taking a systems based approach, we can improve quality of life, decrease or eliminate pain, and prevent relapse. 

By addressing the sources of inflammation and reestablishing your body's innate healing capabilities, we can optimize normal physiological function and eliminate triggers.

Preserving brain health as we age is of vital importance in order to live a happy, disease-free life. We identify and reverse negative health trends before they become a more serious diagnosis. 

Gut Health

Gut Health

Chronic Pain


Brain Health

Many - if not all - of today's chronic diseases can be traced to an imbalance in the gut. 

We provide patients with a multifaceted, individualized treatment plan to restoring the gut from the ground up.

Transform your health

Meet Dr. Cobb

Dr. Thomas Cobb DACM has over 10 years experience treating chronic disease, pain, and helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness.  

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