At EastWest Approach, we combine the ancestral wisdom of Chinese medicine with the latest advancements in diagnostic testing.

The result: 

a comprehensive 

approach to

holistic care.

Thyroid disorders are complex and require a deep dive into all the different relationships that effect it. 

By taking a systems approach, we can prevent and treat thyroid conditions using natural means.

By addressing the sources of inflammation and reestablishing your body's innate healing capabilities, we can optimize normal physiological function and eliminate triggers.

Preserving brain health as we age is of vital importance in order to live a happy, disease-free life. We identify and reverse negative health trends before they become a more serious diagnosis. 

Gut Health

Gut Health

Thyroid Health


Brain Health

Many - if not all - of today's chronic diseases can be traced to an imbalance in the gut. 

We provide patients with a multifaceted, individualized treatment plan to restoring the gut from the ground up.

Transform your health

Our Team

EastWest Approach brings together the expertise of practitioners 

Thomas Cobb and Austin Gresham.

We can work with you

at our clinic in

Oakland, California

(415) 234-3582

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"I am here to tell you that the possibility of living a life of vibrant health, the way nature intended, is within your grasp. You just have to start now."

Thomas Cobb

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