Allow us to partner with you on your path to wellness. Our programs are the most complete approaches to chronic disease we know of.


Our goal for you is not only symptom relief, but real root cause resolution, so you can become the healthiest version of yourself.

Please call us at 415.234.3582 in order to schedule an in depth health interview where we focus on creating a natural, side effect free treatment plan for you and your family. 


Our clients learn lifelong healing strategies that tackle chronic disease and maintain your health and vitality throughout your life.


We put you back in the driver's seat.



This is a 30 minute interview where we determine which labs to order and get familiar with your case based on your chief complaints and prior history. We will determine which labs are the most appropriate to order and decide what is the best course of treatment for you. We will provide you with detailed questionnaires that you will bring to the Case Review.



We will meet in order to go over the results of the labs that were ordered as well as address and go over all of the paperwork you received at the initial consult. We will lay out a personalized treatment plan that includes traditional treatments like acupuncture and herbal medicine, as well as supplements and dietary and lifestyle modifications. This appointment lasts 60-90 minutes and includes all of the time we spend outside of this meeting going over all of your labs, conferring with our team and designing your personalized treatment plan. We will explain to you what are the underlying conditions influencing your health and explain how we intend to address each one of those. 

Traditional healing method aiming to influence the body’s natural healing capability. Acupuncture increases blood flow, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and positively influences all of the organ and endocrine function of the body.





Traditional body work geared towards the elimination of musculoskeletal conditions that incorporates deep tissue stimulation, lymphatic drainage, active release, trigger point therapy and myo-fascial decompression.




Meet with us for 30 minutes in order to receive suggestions of herbs and supplements aimed at the resolution of your health complaints. We have a full herbal pharmacy so we are able to provide a customized formula for you onsite or give you a written prescription.



Meet with us as we discuss the impact of your diet on your overall health.

We will design and customize a eating plan that specifically suits your needs.




This is a follow up functional medicine visit beyond the Case Review. We go over labs and make recommendations as well as check in with your progress. In this visit we may prescribe herbs, supplements, and make dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 


Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis is a comprehensive, history and examination designed to create a differential diagnosis. This allows us to tailor specific treatment protocols for your individual presentation. Expertise in pulse and tongue diagnosis serves as a foundation, as well as analysis of detailed questionairres.