"How To Lose Weight"

Free Seminar

Help your body regain its normal balance and lose weight with natural remedies.

In this FREE seminar you will learn:

  • The science behind natural therapies like acupuncture and herbs in the treatment of disorders that cause weight gain.

  • Best of Eastern and Western therapies to promote optimum health.

  • Easily applicable action steps to begin losing weight. 

  • What herbs and supplements may be beneficial. 

  • Answers to your questions about weight gain and weight loss.

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The causes leading to weight gain are numerous, complex and require a deep dive into all the different relationships that effect it. Even if you try many different diets, you may not be addressing the root cause. 

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Thomas earned his Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from a four year program at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is licensed by the both acupuncture and herbal medicine. He believes that our bodies can achieve balance through healing. Often all it takes is a little nudge in the right direction.

Austin's education includes a masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in addition to 450 hours of clinical training at the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China), which involved shadowing doctors of orthopedics, gynecology and cardiology and discussing complex cases with a integrative focus. He’s a Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist.


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"Thomas has a knowledgeable, gentle approach to acupuncture and medicine that left me feeling educated and comfortable. He explained the relevant bodily processes and energies of my condition simply and clearly, and made sure I understood before continuing on. We were in agreement with my symptoms and potential remedies. Trustworthy and knowledgeable is what I want in a practitioner!"

— Travis W C McCleary


If you could fix the cause behind your weight gain NATURALLY, and live a healthy, vibrant life, would you want to?

  • conventional medical care has it all wrong
  • what we have been taught about nutrition is wrong
  • health care is really “sick care”
  • our bodies have an innate, healing ability
  • how to access this innate healing ability

Learn how to prevent and reverse the underlying ROOT CAUSES that are contributing to weight gain.

  • discovering the underlying causes of your weight gain
  • how our gut and digestive health is at the root of inbalances
  • symptoms are just a way our body is communicating to us that something is off
  • what environmental factors could be contributing to your weight gain

Learn what FOODS to eat to fix your condition and lose weight

  • the role of GMO”s as a contributing factor to disease
  • what types of foods contribute to inbalances
  • what types of foods can treat conditions leading to weight gain
  • how to incorporate a healthy diet and lifestyle in a fun and easy way

Learn how cutting edge DIAGNOSTIC techniques are able to uncover the hidden causes of your condition.

  • the latest science demonstrating the causes of weight gain
  • functional lab testing to uncover the underlying imbalances contributing to your condition
  • how stool testing allows us to get a picture of gut health
  • inflammatory markers and their role in health

Become the healthiest version of yourself!